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Sheila Avatar
Dr. Mathews is the best dentist I've ever been to. I've been going there for about 18 years. Eleven years ago I moved over 30 miles away to the far northwest valley, but still travel 60 miles round trip to see him. I've tried other dentists that were closer to where I live during that time and had such poor experiences with 'upselling' me, telling me I needed over $2,000 in dental work (haven't had a cavity in over 20 years). Turned out it was all lies; I am sad to say it is difficult to find honest dentists these days. I have total trust in Dr. Mathews and his hygienists. With about 2 visits a year to his office in 18 years, (every 6 month for cleanings), I have never once had a bad experience. I hope he never retires!! Take good care of your teeth and even if you don't, Dr. Mathews will take good care of you.
Sheila 8/15/2020
brandyn n. Avatar
We love Dr. Jeffrey Mathews and the whole team! we travel across town just to go to this dental office.
brandyn n. 8/15/2020
Robert B. Avatar
Great service!
Robert B. 8/15/2020
David W. Avatar
5 star rating I can not say enough good thing about Dr. mathews and his staff.

First on his professional skills, experience and knowledge, all are the first class, in my opinion. But most importantly, his attitude toward patient.

I have a case that is traditionally treat one way, by text book, but it is lengthily, painful and costly. After discuss with doc, he provided the solution only like I am his family member. The solution is easy and cost much less. While I was in the treatment, the temporary partial fell off. He came back on the holiday from his trip to take care the emergency (it is emergency to me).

I say thank you to Dr. Mathews and will recommend Dr. Mathews to everyone.
David W. 7/04/2017
Steven M. Avatar
5 star rating I had a tooth that cracked while eating a candy bar of all things. I thought I was going to have to have my tooth removed which would have been terrible since it was towards the front of my mouth. I went to my regular dentist who told me I would need a root canal and a crown which was going to cost close to $1100 that I didn't have.

A friend recommended that I go see Dr. Matthews at Acacia which was some of the best advice I could have received and Acacia was able to see me the next day after I called them. Dr. Matthews said he thought he could do a filling and if that didn't work he go down the root canal option. The filling was only $40 so I saved over $1000 and my tooth is still good a year later.

I would highly I recommend Dr. Matthews for a first or second opinion.
Steven M. 6/15/2016
Luis C. Avatar
5 star rating Like most people, I'm never excited to go to the dentist. This changed when I started going to Acacia Dental. Dr. Matthews and his staff are in my opinion the best kept secret in the field. Appointments are always prompt, billing is easily handled up front with no surprises, staff is very friendly and Dr. Matthews himself is the best dentist I have ever been to. He clearly explains any expectation of pain you might be having during a procedure while talking you through every step of what he's doing.

The office itself is clean, bright and easy to find. When I had a dental emergency a couple years ago - Dr. Matthews didn't hesitate to come in on his day off and check me out. Even though I moved about ten miles away I still drive to have all my work done at Acacia Dental. They deserve to be recognized as one of the best dental practices in the state.
Luis C. 4/21/2016
Ed F. Avatar
5 star rating Dr. Matthews is very competent and a really nice guy. He tells you what he's doing as he goes through procedures. The people in his office are also very nice and professional.

I will also post this review on Dr. Matthews' page. I recommend these people.
Ed F. 4/05/2013
Yvonne E. Avatar
5 star rating I used to be afraid to go to the dentist before Dr. Mathews worked on my mouth. I chose Dr. Mathews because he had great reviews and was willing to bill both my insurances, which not all dentist are willing to do. I got several fillings and he made me very comfortable. My husband also got some fillings and said he was happy with Dr. Mathews. We both think he's a great dentist.
Yvonne E. 6/16/2012
Lisa S. Avatar
5 star rating I was referred to Dr. Mathews when my insurance changed. The entire staff is amazing, he uses all the latest equipment, and best of all, the shots he gives for numbing the mouth do NOT hurt at all and I can't even feel them! He's very personable, speaks in terms that people can understand, and I hope to have him as my dentist for many more years to come. Highly recommend!
Lisa S. 4/24/2011
Seana S. Avatar
5 star rating this is the best dental office ever! the staff is really nice and gentle, plus they have these cool monitors above your head with screensavers of fish swimming. the decor is very elegant, peaceful and feng shui in there!
Seana S. 5/29/2010

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