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Toothpastes Galore!

It is pretty overwhelming when perusing the toothpaste aisle. How do you go about selecting the correct product? Really focusing on the status of your oral cavity can assist you to know which would be better for you. Here are some helpful tips when looking for the proper paste. . . Most people purchase whitening […]

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Risky Business

In life, we are faced with many choices. On a daily basis we are challenged to make decisions that hopefully the benefit will outweigh the risk. Just thinking of a few of these items: Tobacco: puts you at risk for periodontal disease, cardio vascular disease, oral cancer Coffee: acidity causes enamel stain and erosion Medications: some control health […]

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10 Tips To Fight Off Cavities

Poor oral health can lead to cavities. The problem occurs when plaque builds up on the surface of the teeth and the bacteria in the plaque react with food and saliva in your mouth to form acids. The tooth enamel is damaged by these acids and a hole can form on the tooth’s surface. If […]

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Xylitol Should Be Music To Your Ears

Did you have a little xylophone when you were a child? It was such a great gift. . .it delivered wonderful music to all I am sure. Xylitol sounds similar to that wonderful instrument in pronunciation and it also delivers a great gift. Xylitol is a sugar alcohol that can be found naturally in some […]

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Do You Need Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Many people wonder whether wisdom teeth removal is something that is necessary to maintain optimal oral health and comfort. Each patient is unique and the correct answer depends on a number of factors. But generally wisdom teeth removal is widely believed to be an effective technique for preventing gum infection, tooth decay, and discomfort due […]

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What Are the Risks of Not Flossing?

Many people find flossing tedious and try to avoid it. But it should be an integral part of your oral care routine because it is the most effective method of reducing the need for a dentist and preventing disease. The purpose of both brushing and flossing is to reduce the millions of bacteria which inhabit […]

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What’s All The Hoopla over Hookah?

Hookah use is becoming more prevalent in our country and actually its use began centuries ago in other countries. Today we are seeing an increase in younger kids and adults utilizing the hookah pens. This device actually has some of the same components that are in cigarettes such as nicotine and other chemicals and then […]

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Fluoride Should Be Your Friend. . .At ALL Ages!

Fluoride is more than an ingredient in your toothpaste . . . it is a mineral that is available in foods and naturally in some waters. It is added in some communities where the natural levels are not enough to benefit the teeth (0.7 milligrams of fluoride per liter of water.) The Centers for Disease […]

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Do not Let your Dental Insurance Compromise the Quality of Your Care

Dental insurance benefits began in the 1950’s but did not start becoming popular until the 1960’s. Oddly enough, the plan benefits back then are not much different than they are today. Over the years, we have discovered more in regards to dental health. One other thing that we know is that all people are not […]

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Brushing & Flossing

Over 50% of the American population lives with gum disease. This really is a staggering number. Likely, your dentist or hygienist has recommended for you to brush and floss. When we talk about floss, we are really encouraging cleaning between the teeth and below the gum line. In today’s advanced world, we have many options […]

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